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By N'Spiyah

Serenity Trays


Serenity Trays by N'Spiyah are some of the best gift ideas we have to offer. Not only do we provide gift options for individuals, but we also do customized trays for events such as weddings, bridal parties, business promotions and MORE! Your occasion, elevated.

Serenity tray1.jpg
serenity tray4.jpg

All Serenity Trays are made to order and can include essential oils, scented candles, flower arrangements, scented lotions and more (if the requested items are available). All we need are the color theme and any special requests (soy candles, lotions, perfumes, etc.) that you want to include in your order and we will personalize it just for you!


Serenity Trays provide a soft, calming illumination that assists in even achieving a meditative state. The low lighting and essential oils from the trays are captured by your senses and go straight to your brain for processing. The trays aid in creativity to set whatever mood you want. 


Pricing Starts at $65.00 

Click below to be taken to our Contact page and send us a message about Serenity Trays. We are excited to speak with you!



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