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I'm Nissi, the owner and designer at NissiYAH Designs. I first began designing jewelry over 10 years ago. A little over 4 years ago when I needed a productive hobby for multiple reasons, I took up crocheting. I quickly learned that not only did I love to crochet, but it was something The Most High YAH gifted me with! 

Over time, I learned that accessories are what I enjoy crocheting most. I also gained the confidence to put my creations out there for sale. My love for crocheting accessories turned into a revival of the long-lost passion of creating earrings. Over ten years ago, N'Spiyah and I began our first venture together of creating and selling our own jewelry. For several reasons, our plans fizzled and we've since been full circle with ideas and business plans. Since I started to crochet back in 2018, the thought of turning my creativity into a business became more and more real, and finally in July of 2021 I stepped out on faith and left my corporate job to pursue this business full-time (with a focus on the first love - designer earrings). Not only was the plan to create unique designs for individual consumers, it was and still is to think bigger and be a wholesale distributor of earrings, accessories and supplies to other creatives and business owners.

I have another role in my life as a worshipper of the The Most High. My worship and my goal in business is to uplift, exalt and make the name of YAH great in the earth (Psalm 68:4; Isaiah 12:4; Isaiah 26:8). I achieve this in our designs by the bold statements of our accessories. The Most High gave us this business and we walk it out to give all glory right back to Him.

I also have a heartfelt desire to fill the void of manufacturers amongst creatives of color. So many of us are gifted with endless talents, but to get our supplies for showcasing these gifts, we have been forced to patronize suppliers of other nationalities. It is our mission to provide jewelry and jewelry supplies to other business owners who want to express themselves creatively and feel confident in knowing that they have circulated their dollar in their own community for just a bit longer.



This right here is N'Spiyah. That is the perfect name for her, because that is exactly what she does. She inspires, supports and encourages and is the help I need along this journey.

N'Spiyah is my partner at NissiYAH Designs. She is my sister. We met over 20 years ago when we started working at the same place (my first "real" job). She took me in as family from the moment I met her, and we've been together ever since.

Between then and now, she and I have had so many business ideas together. Some stuck, some didn't. Mainly, the first idea we had was to start a jewelry business. I was a stay at home mom at the time, and we bought a whole bunch of jewelry supplies and started beading away. We didn't know exactly what we were doing, but we were doing what we loved. We had started a business using our creativity. Since then, life happened and our jewelry business fizzled soon after starting. 

Funny how The Most High works things out in His way, and in His timing. All these years later, here we are back on the same business venture. Sharing our creativity with the world. This time, a bit more mature and focused and determined; with our sisterhood stronger than ever.


And THIS... is our tribe. Just a few images of the community of women who have supported this business in every possible way - showing up, buying and sporting the creations in their own ways, sharing and engaging. It is this group of beautiful women and their families who keep us going and keep us pushing through the highs and the lows. 

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