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Acrylic "jewels" with which to adorn yourself as you see fit! Use them as pictured to adorn your hair! They can also be worn as accessories to your accessories. Add them to your head coverings, your backpack, zippers, shoelaces, your other jewelry or whatever else you can think of. Even add them to your tzitzits if you feel so inclined. Wearing these pieces is a way to express your devotion to The Almighty One, YHWH. 


*These "jewels" come with jump rings attached for you to add the jewels to your other jewelry pieces or accessorize yourself however you'd like. Understanding of how to open/close jump rings is highly recommended for the application of these jewels.


**Paleo Hebrew form of the tetragrammaton, or the name of the Almighty One of the Bible. The Hebrew letters from right to left are yod-hey-waw/vaw-hey.Some pronounce as Yahweh, Yahuah, Yahawah.



The meaning of "NissiYah" is: My Banner is YAH or My Exaltation is YAH or I Uphold YAH. This means, here at NissiYah Designs, we uphold the name of the Most High YAH, the Creator.  Exodus 20:7 reads, "Thou shalt not take the name of YAHUAH thy God in vain; for YAHUAH will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." 

We produce earrings and accessories that represent the NAME of YAHUAH, The Most High Power. In accordance with Exodus 20:7, it is our recommendation that the purchase and wearing of these items (or any items that represent YAHUAH) are done in purity of intention, righteousness and honor/esteem of The One being represented.

NissiYah Jewels

  • *No refunds or returns or exchanges will be provided due to not having read and/or understood these item details.*

    NissiYah Jewels are hand-painted and hand-finished. Each one is decorated explicitly and individually. When selecting your Jewel Color and Accent color, this provides the basis for which Nissi will customize each order. Because each jewel is painted at the time of each order, it is very unlikely that any two will be exactly the same. The jewels in the images are given as an example. No guarantee of exact outcomes are provided. Ordering these jewels means you agree to the creative customization of Nissi as the jewelry designer to use your color selections and create finished pieces. These outcomes cannot be predicted to any specific image or notion. They will be unique and curated at the time of each order. If this is not something that you can agree with, then ordering these jewels may not be the best option for you.

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