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This is a hand-stitched, crocheted tote bag, an original design by Denise NissiYah Coleman. 

Made of 100% mercerized cotton, this bag is a bold statement to "love YAHUAH most." 

The bag measures approximately 15" deep and approximately 14.5" wide. Strap height is approximately8" tall when fully extended, perfect for that over-the-shoulder convenience that a good tote provides. Finished with embellishments around the straps and bobble stitch lettering. Due to the nature of crochet, the bag also provides considerable stretch. Use it as your favorite shopping bag, overnight bag, or any other way. The possibilities are limitless! The material is also machine-washable and dry-able, although hand-washing is recommended for the integrity and longevity of the product. 


Included with the tote are 2 accessories: a hand painted zipper pouch for your smaller items, and a hand-painted acrylic keychain (both NissiYah Designs original creations). 

Crochet Tote Bag | "love YHWH most."

  • *For the integrity of the bag, it is recommended to hand-wash and lay flat or hang to dry*

    Below are the yarn manufacturer's recommended care instructions: 

    Machine wash. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F. Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at a maximum of Medium Heat setting. Regular ironing, steam or dry, may be performed at Medium setting (150C, 300F).

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